Power Apps Solutions

Business models must continually evolve to respond to technology-driven market changes to stay competitive, organizations need the ability to update products and processes rapidly.

Power Apps is a platform for application development for business need. It can include connectors, apps, services etc. Using connectors Power Apps can easily connect with business data which is stored either online or on-premises. Power Apps is very useful to digitize the business process including responsive design. These Apps can be accessed through browser and using mobile apps.

With Power Apps you can -

  • Connect to the systems you are already using or create the data you need
  • Build useful apps without writing code
  • Publish apps instantly for web and mobile
  • Craft forms and screens in a visual designer that helps you see exactly what you will get
  • Take advantage of device capabilities like cameras, GPS, and pen controls
  • Build business logic into your apps with an Excel-inspired expression language
  • Connect multiple existing data sources or create your own data to power your app