Operations Excellence Analytics Dashboard for Manufacturing Organization

Operations Excellence Dashboard helps management to what are the production, quality, sales, service, and wastage of products, what are overall effectiveness of product and production based on time at their fingertips. Operation Excellence Dashboard delivers solution to provide holistic monitoring of their organization and to help Management and team to gain meaningful insights into their business that drive actionable results. It requires continuous tracking of the business as a whole and the ability to view detailed performance information of individual products and lines of business. Operations Excellence Dashboards simultaneously provide both a big picture, as well as a detailed view of the performance of products.

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Operations Excellence Dashboard provides following advantages to management and team

  • Analyse weekly Major incident frequency rate on regular and MTD based
  • Data can be filtered according to selection of date, specific week, and site
  • Examine sales for actual revenue vs forecast revenue by time and data can be display on selection of toggle by site or by week
  • Identify quality, what are the total number of complaints, opened and closed complaints and total number of registered complaints
  • Analyse service of products on selection of week or site it displays OTIF% by MTD and YTD
  • Examine Production that what are the planned vs what are the actual by product on weekly bases
  • Give detail of wastage by plan vs actual wastage by time and for specific product, for specific site
  • Analyse time based overall effectiveness by time and site