Calendar Feed Summary

Calendar Feed Summary webpart shows the events from SharePoint lists. Calendar Feed Summary web part uses event feeds from various sources(iCal, WordPress, RSS, Exchange Public Calendar, SharePoint) and renders events using a look and feel that is consistent with the SharePoint out-of-the-box Group calendar/events web part.

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Webpart Details:

Calendar Feed Summary

Yes, A publicly accessible iCal feed (i.e.: .ics), A publicly accessible RSS feed of events (e.g.: Google calendar), A WordPress WP-FullCalendar feed, An Exchange Public Calendar.


Webpart Configuration:

Calendar Feed

Provide valid license key

Select feed type

Provide your feed URL

Select date of event range


Using this choice button you can convert event time in UTC

Using this choice button you can On or Off proxy option

Set event cache time duration in minutes

Indicates the number of events to show per page when displaying a narrow list.

Indicates the total number of events to load. Use 0 for no maximum.