Social Share Shortcut

Social Share Shortcut webpart generates a social buttons toolbar in your page to recommend the current page to other users. You can choose between two kinds of toolbar: horizontal and vertical, and you can also choose the icons size (16x16 or 32x32). You can add buttons from 100+ social providers, as of course Yammer, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, etc. This web part uses the services of Add ins, which is a provider of social toolbars.

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Webpart Details:

Social Share Shortcut



Webpart Configuration:

Provide valid license key

Sets your add in publication id

Default (horizontal) or Floating (float on left vertically)

Icons size (16x16 or 32x32)

Show the yammer button

Show the linkedin button

Show the twitter button

Show the facebook button

Show the google plus button

Show the More button to select additional services

Show the sharing count label

Select between 100+ additional services like Amazon, Box, Yahoo, Mail, etc.