Sales Analytics and Consumer Consumption Insights

FMCG sales analytics dashboard is developed to enhance sales effectiveness of employees. It helps salesperson and manager to easily analyse their sales and target effectiveness in a sophisticated manner. It helps user to spend less time in analysing data and more time in gaining actionable insights. FMCG sales dashboard not only ensure that you have high quality and real time data but also transforms it into meaningful recommendations for the present and future. It shares sales metrics in real-time to allow you to take key sales-oriented business decisions at the right time, may it be from your boardroom or when you are on the move.

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Examine profitability through a comprehensive perspective, assessing advisability of sales and target volume, trends and distribution among time, distributors, region, material, and zonal manager

Sales Performance Insight

Focuses on sales vs target detailing time and achievement. Shows achieved% vs pending% by time

Sales Growth Insight

Get analysis of the sales and target funnel metrics at an overall and detailed levels. It analyse sales forecast and recommends new material or distributor or sales segment to target

Distributors Insight

Analyse Distributors allowing the filter of sales trends by time and by selected distributor

Distributor Performance Insight

Monitoring distributor details by setting strategic targets for the sales and tracking current vs previous sales against targets

Geographical Product Sales Insight

It allows you to view overall contribution of all dimensions that are State, city, distributors, material group and zonal manager

Top 10 Performing

Identifying top/bottom sales and best/worst performer out to them. It used to view ability of top sales by distributors, state, material, and zonal manager

Consumer Consumption Insight

Examine material with sales contribution and used quantity as well by material group with their sales