Manufacturing Execution Systems - MES

MES dashboard design to analyze production of items. It examines machine and site wise what is the run time, downtime, produced waste and overall effectiveness of machine production. It conveys meaningful production details into detail insights with good visualization feature for better understanding of overall production outline

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1. MES Summary

  • On selection of waste, OEE and downtime buttons below mentioned visuals will filter according to that
  • It displays waste %, downtime % and OEE % by site

2. Waste Details

  • Waste details shows produced wastage by machine and site
  • It also shows time based created total waste with waste %

3. OEE Details

  • OEE Details report page identifies overall effectiveness of machine, site and time period
  • It displays site code wise overall equipment effectiveness

4. Down Time Details

  • Downtime details insights displays machine and site wise total runtime and downtime
  • Downtime details also shows time-based machine run time, total downtime and downtime